Table Topics for Kids

Want a fun learning idea?  Choose table topics that are fun and interesting. 

Here’s a great idea to keep your children learning throughout the year and it’s a fantastic way to keep the knowledge fresh your children’s minds during the summer break.

Pick a meal of the day that you are most likely to sit with your children around the table.  Then pick topics that interest your children.  Make it a fun activity so your children are excited to be involved.

Here is an example of what you can do:

  • Mondays:        Geography.  Use maps and world globes and ask your children to find a specific capital, state, country, ocean, river, etc
  • Tuesdays:        English or whatever language is native to you.  Pick some fun words from a dictionary and have your children try to figure out the meaning by breaking them down and/or you can use them in sentences for your children.
  • Wednesdays:   History.  Talk about a person who did something inspiring or brave.  You can pick people who were part of events your children enjoy.
  • Thursdays:       National events.  Talk about what is going on in your nation that you feel your children should know about.  This could be things like the Olympics, sports events, elections, unusual weather, etc.  
  • Fridays:            Gratitude night.  Have your children tell you about an experience from the week that they are thankful for, or maybe talk about a lesson they learned.

Other topics:   Foreign language, history, social studies, local events, world events, politics, sports or music.

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3 thoughts on “Table Topics for Kids

  1. I LOVE this idea! I’ve always known that having a lively family discussion around the table is so important for building relationships, but I’ve never thought about planning the topic of discussion. What a great idea! When I was a child, if our dad was at the table, we didn’t talk much. When he wasn’t there, my brothers kept the conversation centered around “bathroom” humor. When my children were growing up, we had many good conversations, but there were times when no one really said anything, too. My granddaughter is a little young for this, but I’ll pass along the idea to my daughter, and maybe for our next family meal together, I’ll have some ideas of conversation starters pre-planned. Thanks for sharing this tip!

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