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Are you ready for summer?  Have you made any plans to keep your children productive and occupied for the summer?

School is almost out and I want to share what I have created.  This is a summer planner that works on a system of earning tickets.  It helps you structure the summer through chores and rewards.  Use this system to schedule reading, learning activities, and chores.  Then offer the incentives and rewards your children can work toward and look forward to.

I have created a blank calendar specifically for your chore chart.  Your children can look at the calendar to see what incentives they are working toward and on what date you will be able to provide the incentive they have earned.  Placing an exact date on the calendar for the incentive is your option.  You choose the chores, the incentives and how many tickets they must earn to receive that incentive.  Here is an example of a chart that is filled in.   Sample Summer Planner

You can print up the blank templates and fill them out by hand or if you prefer you can fill then out on the computer.  I am providing everything in PDF and Word format, including the tickets so you can make changes to the standard version if you prefer.

At the end of each day have your children total the tickets they have earned and you hand them out.  Then they may redeem the tickets for the incentives you have chosen.

Ideas for incentives:

  • Amusement park
  • Kids Choice
  • Swimming
  • Zoo
  • Park
  • Bike Ride
  • Picnic
  • Sporting event
  • Play date
  • Sleep over
  • Candy bar or treat
  • New swim suit or other item

Ideas for activities to earn tickets:

  • Learning activities
  • Read 30 minutes
  • Write an essay on a subject (use the computer for research)
              Camping – Camping safety
              Swimming – Swimming safety
              The purpose for helmets
              Saving money
              Fishing – How to fish
  • Complete an extra credit assignment
       Pre-K through 5th grade, printable worksheets
       1st-4th grade, printable worksheets
     Pre-K through Middle School, online learning  
      K-12th grade, create your own worksheets with the worksheet maker – free!

Healthy activities

  • 1 hour of energetic activity
  • Spend less than 1 hour on computer playing games (extra credit and research time doesn’t count)
  • Spend less than 1 hour watching tv
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Try a new food
  • Behavioral activities
  • Play nicely with siblings all week
  • Good behavior all week
  • Be helpful when asked without complaining
  • Chores
  • Make bed
  • Vacuum
  • Clean room
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Set table    
  • Help with dinner
  • Take out the trash
  • Feed and water animals
  • Water the plants
  • Yard work
  • Family vacations/camping trips are no points but maybe $ for tickets to spend on the retreat.

tickets Word format          tickets pdf format

June 2010 Calendar (word format)  June 2010 Calendar (pdf format)

 July 2010 Calendar (word format)  July 2010 Calendar (pdf format)

 August 2010 Calendar (word format)  August 2010 Calendar (pdf format)

I am really excited about this program and there was great success in 2009 for those that used the system.  I am implementing it again for my children this summer.  Please email me at or place a comment below if you can help me improve the program.  I would love some suggestions and feedback.

8 thoughts on “Kids Summer Planner

  1. Thank you for the suggestion. I will make that a project and publish it soon. Please come back to visit!

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  3. What a fantastic idea – thanks for all your work. I’ve been looking for something to keep my kids away from TV and video games and this moght be just the TICKET! Thanks!

  4. You’re welcome. I had fun creating it. My kids last day of school was yesterday so we are starting the plan on Monday. I am excited to see how well it works!

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  7. what do you do to implement the chart during the day? when they wake up do you have certain times for them to start doing everything? is it something you leave on the fridge so they can read it and self start? I tried a small version of this this morning, my 10 yr old started doing all sorts of stuff for tickets, haha! Thanks for the help! Happy Stay at home mom!

  8. I love to hear good news! I hope your 10 yr old keeps up the good work and self motivation! Yes, just hang it on your fridge. That always works well…if you can find a spot! :) If your fridge is anything like mine, you may have to clear a spot.

    Last summer, my kids were very excited and completed their chores without any reminders at first. As the summer went on, I had to remind them they only had X number of days to earn the tickets to reach their incentive for the week.

    I tried to make it so if they missed a chore or two, they would still make the incentive. I also let them do extra credit chores.

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