20 Positive Words for Kids

I find it is fun and educational to use new words when my children and I are talking. I know I am doing a good job when they ask “Mom, what does ‘word’ mean?” Using words that are infrequently used is an excellent way to improve a child’s vocabulary.

Here is a list of infrequently used words you can draw on when you are giving positive reinforcement for a job well done. Using these words and other less common words is great for vocabulary building and it seems to make your statement more meaningful.

1. Amazing
2. Astonishing
3. Brilliant
4. Excellent
5. Extraordinary
6. Fabulous
7. Fantastic
8. Incredible
9. Marvelous
10. Mind-blowing (they will like this one)
11. Out of this world (and this one)
12. Outstanding
13. Remarkable
14. Spectacular
15. Super
16. Superb
17. Terrific
18. Tremendous
19. Unbelievable
20. Wonderful

Thanks for reading and I hope your day is out of this world!

I just posted 25 more positive words and they are great for school time 25 Positive Words For The School Year

9 thoughts on “20 Positive Words for Kids

  1. Great blog and such a simple concept.

    We care about the ……
    food that we eat,
    the music we listen to,
    the company we keep, and
    the words that we digest….

    So why is this post so important….. because most of our vocabulary and language is so negative.

    Try this one on for size……

    The next time you ask someone to do something for you listen for the most common reply…. NO PROBLEM…. there’s a great pair of words the word NO and PROBLEM.

    Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) often quotes this study done by some graduate students who followed a normal group of two-year olds around for a day. These average kids from average homes received 432 negative statements as opposed to 32 positive statements daily. The teachers, aides and other children were constantly saying, “Don’t touch that.” “No, it is done this way” “No, you are not big enough.”

    Add to that my assertion that negatives to ten times the damage and positives take ten times the effort to create (see my blog Positive Imperative http://bit.ly/Vem1j ) and the issue becomes bigger.

    So please do post the 20 word list on the fridge and make a practice to use them every day. Don’t stop there! Create new positive words… under the category…kids will like this one… create “Posiwords” obvious be you got it… Positive Words….. when you create them do submit them to our blog…we create a new word every week, and the best of the month/year we’ll be promoting. Do check them out and participate.

    Posiwords….driving the world to a positive vocabulary.

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  3. wow this is a cool website to go to. cause i am writeing a song and these words are helping me..

  4. they are great word to use at scchool and for children that need to use better words in their work at school

    this is very helpful for children

  5. Just loving this website and i think this will help for my new career and do please update me everyday :)) cant wait for more and more

  6. This is a beautiful blog and an incredibly helpful guide for parents! Victor’s comment above is incredibly true. I am a Speech and Language Therapist and specialise in early intervention for children with a disability. I spend a large proportion of my day teaching parents that positive praise and interaction with their children is the best way to teach a child. I will be recommending this blog to many of my parents!

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